Global Employee Activities

  • Mexico Office Employee Daily Activities

    Noon, August, 2017. Telcel Tower, Mexico City.  After refreshed up with some Corona and Perrier, team’s ready for a market-conquering battle throughout America continent!

    Evening, August, 2017. Hyatt Regency, Mexico City. Hisense HVAC premiere in downtown, Mexico City: Flagship product Hi-FLEXi G+ series launching event, ready for a new era!

    Evening, November, 2017. Hisense HVAC factory training center, Qingdao, China. Annual global customers training on-going, the whole team is exhausted yet fully motivated.

    Morning, November, 2017. Xi’an, China. Terra-Cotta Warriors tour with customers from all across America. Happens to be 15th anniversary of the company's foundation. What a surprise!

    Afternoon, November, 2017. Xi’an, China. Tang Paradise tour to explore the most prosperous dynasty: Tang Dynasty in Chinese history. Ladies in the front are really enjoying the moment!

    Finally, it’s our hard-working service engineer who’s always been so supportive during every supervision and commission, as responsibility and gratitude are always the core values of our team.

  • Thailand Office One Day Tour

    5 persons in Hisense Thailand branch office(Li Haoran, Chen Zhen, Yuan Yushan, Jonah Phun and Pan Xue) went to Thailand Khao Yai National Park  on 18 Nov. 2017, we rent tents to do camping in camping area, did BBQ together, advantured wild animal at night, everybody had a wonderful weekend.