Who is Hisense

Hisense Group is a well-known large-scale electronic information industry group company. Supported by digital multimedia technology, intelligent information system technology, modern communication technology, green energy-saving cooling technology, urban intelligent transportation technology, optical communication technology, medical electronic technology and laser display technology, Hisense’s industrial pattern covers multimedia, home appliances, IT intelligent information system and modern real estate. Based on technology and focusing on innovation-oriented culture, its scientific and efficient technological innovation system makes Hisense always be at the forefront of the counterparts.

Qingdao Hisense HVAC Equipment Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qingdao Hisense Hitachi Air-conditioning Systems Co., Ltd, who is a joint-venture of Hisense Group and Hitachi Air Conditioning  (changed to Johnson Control Hitachi in 2015) and was established in 2003. It integrates technology development for commercial and residential central air conditioners, product manufacturing, marketing and service as a whole. With the full support of all the shareholders such as Hisense and Johnson Control Hitachi, Hisense HVAC is committed to becoming the market leader in the industry.

Hisense HVAC company owns internationally advanced production equipment and quality assurance facilities. Based on a complete mastery of the world's leading core technologies, Hisense HVAC company has continuously introduced pioneering new air conditioning products. With a high starting point, the company proactively promotes the operating system of professional technology, professional manufacturing, professional marketing, professional design, professional services, and professional management to bring the world's leading air-conditioning technology and spread to the world. Therefore, it makes continuous progress in air-conditioning technology and works hard to create a better ecological environment for human.

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